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Why Salutaris

Powered by The Proactive Health Management Plan.  The PHMP is a supplemental health benefits package that aims to put you in control of every aspect of your well-being. To reach this goal, The PHMP provides a large array of benefits — from online health coaching to 24/7 access to medical professionals through our telemedicine and telebehavioral health program — and much more.

Benefits for Employees

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Financial Incentives

The average employee receives an increase of 2-4% in their take home pay

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Family Telemedicine

$0 co-pay unlimited visits with a board certified physician for the whole family

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TeleBehavioral Health

$0 co-pay unlimited visits with a board certified therapist, PhD, or physician

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Health Coaching

Aiding employees in customized disease prevention, dietary programs and chronic disease management

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